Overwhelming number of owls
Owls living freely in the downtown area

Commonly known as “Yanesen,” taking the initials of the famous strolling spots in Tokyo, namely “Yanaka,” “Nezu,” and “Sendagi.” Just a 5-minute walk from Nedu Station on the Chiyoda Line, you’ll find the quietly standing bird cafe Yanaka Main Store in this charming town filled with unique shops. The greatest charm lies in the close interaction with birds, such as owls and hawks. It’s a new sensation shop specializing in the sales and interaction of owls, hawks, falcons, and other birds for bird enthusiasts.

Play and Interact

Encounter owls of various sizes, from small to large!
Enjoy feeding them, watching owls interact with each other, and experiencing the silent flight of owls in the free-flight room, where an owl might land on your shoulder! After cafe time, owls and parrots might visit your table. There are various ways to enjoy.

Welcome to the family

Since you can meet and greet many different types, you can meet your soulmate who is perfect for you!
We take over the chicks raised with love by European breeders with whom we are affiliated, and carefully and carefully train them so that they can be raised in tethers or released.
Even if you are new to birds of prey, our experienced staff will give you solid advice.

Reasons to Choose Yanaka Main Store

Unique to Japan!!
Owl Free-flight Large Room

Sunlight pours in through large bright windows, allowing you to leisurely observe owls sunbathing and taking baths in a large pool at an extremely close distance. You can enjoy the view while sipping tea at glass-covered tables.

Easy for Individuals to Enter!

The spacious interior creates a relaxing atmosphere. Watch owls comfortably, interact with them in the interaction room, and feel the soft feathers of owls. Enjoy the charm of owls to the fullest. Many visitors also come to inquire about owl and hawk care.

Many Repeat Visitors!

The sensation of being surrounded by large owls, an experience not found elsewhere, has become addictive for many. Some even come specifically to meet their favorite owl!

Professional Staff!

We have sold many owls, other birds of prey, and medium to large parrots to pet shops and zoos nationwide every year since our opening. Over 10,000 birds have found homes nationwide from our store. Our staff is ready to provide advice on owl care, including any minor concerns.

Abundant Pet Supplies

The necessary supplies vary depending on the species and size of the bird. We have over 100 types of pet supplies, and our experienced staff will recommend the right items based on your bird’s needs.

Care with Sincerity

Regular maintenance is required for the beak, claws, and equipment of the adopted owl. Maintenance requires skilled techniques, and we perform it quickly and gently, ensuring minimal stress on the owl’s body and mind.

Bird Hotel is Also Available!

To ensure a relaxed stay for birds sensitive to environmental changes, we offer individual spaces for boarding. We provide daily reports with photos via LINE during their stay (for a fee). Feel free to consult us for long trips or last-minute drop-offs, even early morning or late night. We strive to accommodate you 365 days a year.

Aftercare is Excellent Too!

We accept pet care consultations via LINE 365 days a year. Whether it’s guidance on the day of adoption or questions that arise after living together, our staff, who have been caring for the bird, can provide precise advice based on the bird’s habits, personality, and preferences. Feel free to consult us anytime, even after several years of adoption.

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Peace of Mind with Insurance Coverage!

Birds are creatures that hide their health problems. Detecting and treating minor changes in their daily lives promptly is crucial. Having insurance coverage by the day of adoption provides peace of mind for medical expenses, ensuring the well-being of your precious family member.
We are an agent of AIPET Insurance Co., Ltd.

Online Shop

official online shop.
We have food and breeding supplies suitable for birds of prey such as owls and hawks.



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