In addition to the birds available for sale at the storefront, there is a room where you can interact with parrots (parakeets and parrots).
This is a unique shop where you can play with parrots in tropical colors that you won’t find elsewhere.
If you find a favorite, you can take them home with you.

※ Sendagi store is not a typical cafe with dining space.

Advance payment system Admission fee ¥1,850 (tax included)
Open 11:00-19:00 Year round
Shop’s Request
You can play with the birds freely, but during busy times, it is limited to 1 hour.
Free for children up to 3 years old. Elementary school children cannot enter alone.
If you are considering purchasing a live animal, we offer deferred payment. Please ask the staff at reception.
(Entrance fee is free when selling or making reservations for live animals)
Birds are not good at strong scents such as perfumes, and it can cause them to become unwell. Please be considerate to the extent possible.

Flow of entry for first-time visitors


Hand and shoe disinfection at the entrance

First of all, please disinfect your hands and the soles of your shoes at the entrance.

Guide around the store at reception

At the reception desk, we will explain how to enjoy the game, including how to play and precautions.


Bird snack sales*Applicants only

We sell snacks for birds in the store.
just want to be covered in birds!
want to hold a rare big baby on my hand!
Please feel free to ask our staff.

Information on snack exchange tickets
Can use 1300 yen for 1000 yen!

leave your luggage in a locker

A locker key will be given to you at the reception.
Leave your luggage in a locker.
The parrot room is warm, so we recommend that you leave your jacket on and play in light clothes!


wear a poncho

Wear a poncho (free rental)!
Since the parrots are free-range in the parrot room, we ask that you wear clothing to prevent your clothes from getting soiled and to prevent infection.

We also have shoe covers available!!
【Separately ¥300 tax included】

If you are interested, please ask the staff.

Interaction time with parakeets (parrots)

As soon as you enter the parakeet room, friendly birds will fly in.
Enjoy interacting with the birds!
There is also a bird staff inside!



After enjoying plenty of contact with the birds, how about some souvenirs?
If you are worried about the many types of birds to choose from, please feel free to contact us ♪ Our staff who are familiar with bird preferences will be able to advise you.

Leaving the room/Going home

After playing with the birds to your heart’s content, it’s time to get ready to go home.
Please return used ponchos to the staff.
Once you have paid for additional snacks and souvenirs, please return the locker key.
Please be sure to leave nothing behind.

  1. Be sure to manage your valuables yourself.
  2. We cannot take responsibility for loss or any other incidents.
  3. Accessories may become bird toys, so please remove them beforehand (there are accessory racks in the lockers).
  4. If you lose the locker key, a replacement fee of ¥8,000 will be charged. Please be careful not to lose it.
  5. We do not accept any claims for damage to personal belongings, clothing, or injuries caused by birds. Please do not bring important items.
  6. Lost items will be kept for 1 month. If there is no contact after that, they will be discarded.

Over 100 birds are always waiting for your visit!

How to interact with owls and birds of prey

Let’s pet the owl’s head!

Please gently stroke the head along the fur.
Please do not touch the stomach or feet, as they are particularly dangerous.
He has a cat-like personality, so please watch over him kindly if he doesn’t feel like it.

How to interact with parakeets

Let’s give snacks to various birds!

Birds love snacks. Cover the birds with their favorite food,
sunflower seeds! Different types of snacks attract different birds,
so we recommend giving them a variety of snacks.
Most of the birds in the store are looking for families! While interacting with them,
You may even meet your destined child♪

Let’s put it on your arm or hold it!
Parakeets that want you to play with them will come to you on their own.
Please be careful not to force yourself to catch them as they will hate you. If you want to hold or ride your dog, please feel free to ask the staff ♪
Take cute photos and upload them to SNS
Once you have taken the best shot, share the fun by uploading it to SNS.

Our SNS↓
We upload cute photos and videos every day!

Payment Method
You can pay by cash, Paypay, or credit card.
The corresponding credits are as follows.
VISA master JCB amex diners uc mufg dc ufj nicos rakuten union

Online Shop

official online shop.
We have food and breeding supplies suitable for parakeets (parrots).


Store Guide

Specializing in birds of Prey & Cafe Shop
Chiyoda Line「Nezu Station」5 minutes walk from

A cafe where you can get up close and personal with birds of prey such as owls and hawks, and where you can welcome your favorite child.