About business sales

For those who own a physical store,
or those who have acquired an animal handling business license and are thinking of starting their own business,
we sell almost all of the birds listed on our website at wholesale prices.

All of the birds we have in stock are carefully kept and kept one by one.
We pay particular attention to hygiene and health conditions, and deliver high-quality living organisms.

Of course, the degree of habituation will vary depending on the individual.
I especially want a well-accumulated individual!
I want to get it cheap anyway!
We will introduce birds with a style that suits your store.
By importing directly from our affiliated breeders around the world, we always strive to avoid unnecessary costs and time, and to ensure that there is no stress on the animals. We can introduce birds that are not listed on our website, or birds imported for the first time in Japan, from our wide range of suppliers, so please feel free to contact us.
We will also send individual photos and videos via corporate line or email, so you can carefully select and purchase items without having to come to the store.
We also have special prices on live animals, so please feel free to contact us.

For transactions

There are no restrictions such as “You cannot buy from other companies, or we cannot ship unless there are 5 or more birds.”
*We will guide you even from 1 bird.
For customers living far away, we will ship your order via airmail to the nearest airport on your designated date and time.

「Ltd. Torinoiru Cafe」have various bird considerations、
bird sales professionals who support our customers from consideration and consultation regarding various birds to post-purchase.
Please feel free to contact us as we are available 365 days a year.

Please proceed to the desired menu below and proceed with the necessary steps.

Our specialty bait

Individuals that were alive until the morning of the processing day are quickly annihilated and rapidly frozen. Of course, it is no exaggeration to say that the most important thing when raising raptors is food.
This is a product that we have taken seriously and carefully considered birds of prey.
The freshness, quality, and hygiene are of the highest quality. When thawing and dissecting the meat, bright red blood will come out, so you can tell at a glance how fresh it is. Even if it’s your first time, please give it a try.

About hygiene and biological management

We provide information about our store's
efforts so that customers can safely interact with birds,
welcome them, and live happy lives.

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Pet products

official online shop.
We carry food and breeding supplies for birds of prey such as parakeets (parrots), owls and hawks.

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