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Owl and hawk, falcon, you will be if you have something staff is 365 days empathetic to ride to the consultation to live together also peace of mind for beginners, such as large parakeet.

Dusky Parrot
Sale: (Sendagi)
Sale: (Sendagi)
Harlequin Macaw
Sale: (Sendagi)

Our advantage

Our shop will be a pet shop specializing in birds, mainly owls and birds of prey such as falcons and hawks, as well as middle and large parrots.
The number of sales is increasing year by year, but we take care of handing over each one without fail.
It sells nearly 1,000 birds every year, including the general public, as well as facilities such as zoos and aquariums.
Most of the staff are raptors and various bird breeders, so even those who keep birds for the first time can live with them happily,Please feel free to contact us as we can propose a bird life that suits your style.

Bird professionals such as owners of raptors who have been breeding for 20 years and managers whose love for birds has not stopped are resident.
We will provide maintenance services such as nail clipper and beak formation, bird specialty bird hotel and bait sales, breeding tools, etc. 365 days a year.
If you are thinking of living with birds, please come to our shop by all means.

We procure directly from overseas partner breeders and always import only high quality birds that are well-considered.It is possible to order birds that are not on the sales list, so please consult us.
This is one of the largest handling numbers in Japan, so it is a lineup that will satisfy both those who are raised for the first time and those who are considering raising rare birds like those in Japan.

Media appearances request

Variety, there is information program, PV, magazines and many performers experience.
Owl, and then meet horned owl, hawk, parrot, various bird’s such as Inco has enrolled more than 100 birds in a variety of situations.
Please feel free to contact us.

Media appearances request