Yanaka shop
Overwhelming number of owls
Owls living freely in the downtown area
Sendagi Shop
A relaxing space where parakeets,
parrots and other rare birds gather

It doesn't taste like anything else
A pet shop specializing in birds with a wealth of
sales experience and full-time professional staff


Our shop will be a pet shop specializing in birds, mainly owls and birds of prey such as falcons and hawks, as well as middle and large parrots.
Most of our staff are raptors and other bird breeders, so even if you are raising birds for the first time, we will be able to suggest a bird life that suits your style so that you and your birds can live happily ever after. Please feel free to contact us.


Store Guide

About hygiene and biological management

We provide information about our store's
efforts so that customers can safely interact with birds,
welcome them, and live happy lives.

Our Products

official online shop.
We offer food and breeding supplies suitable for
birds of prey such as owls, eagles, and hawks, as well as parakeets (parrots).

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