Torinoiru Cafe Sendagi branch is a new type of
interactive shop that bird enthusiasts cannot resist,
with constantly over 100 rare birds from around the world.
It’s a specialty store for parrots and cockatoos,
where you can even take home the birds you’re interested in.
Enjoy a fun time with adorable birds that love to play with people.

Play and Interact

You can interact to your heart’s content with rare birds that you don’t usually see up close! You can give them snacks, watch birds get along with each other, be comforted by their antics, and even hold large birds. Our well-trained birds are eagerly waiting for you to have a great time!

welcome to the family

Unlike through a cage, you can interact closely before adoption, making it easy to imagine life with your chosen bird. With over 100 birds at all times, you may find your destined feathered friend. Our experienced staff will provide thorough advice.

Reasons to Choose Sendagi Branch


Friendly Birds!

The birds at Torinoiru Cafe are raised with love, and after their debut, they learn about bird society and how to play with people from many senior parrots. As a result, they grow into friendly companions for both humans and birds!


Meet Birds from Around the World!

You can easily interact with and even adopt very precious birds that can only be seen and touched here in Japan, thanks to the owner’s connections with breeders from various countries, not just in Japan.


Easy for Solo Visitors!

If you’re wondering whether it’s enjoyable alone, don’t worry. Many solo visitors come because the birds won’t leave them alone! The staff, who love birds, are also friendly. Please share cute stories about your pets with us!


Many Repeat Customers!

Surrounded by birds in a way you can’t experience elsewhere, people become addicted to the feeling! For various reasons, such as seeking healing or meeting their favorite birds, many customers find themselves coming back again and again!


Thorough Adoption Support

365-Day Aftercare Support for Peace of Mind!

We provide exclusive staff assistance and consultation through official LINE every day of the year. Feel free to consult with us anytime, even years after adoption. Of course, we also look forward to hearing happy updates!

For details on the specific process of adding our official LINE account, please check here.

Peace of Mind Insurance Coverage!

Concerned about medical expenses for your pet? You can easily sign up for insurance on the spot.

Bird Hotel and Maintenance Services Available!

Whether you’re traveling or on a sudden business trip, our dedicated staff will take good care of your precious pets.


Professional Staff!

Not only do we sell to regular customers, but we also sell a large number of owls, other birds of prey, and medium to large parrots to pet shops and zoos nationwide every year. Since our opening, over 10,000 birds from our store have been welcomed all over the country. Our staff will provide advice for even the smallest concerns!

Online Shop

official online shop.
We have food and breeding supplies suitable for parakeets (parrots).


Store Guide

Specializing in birds of Prey & Cafe Shop
Chiyoda Line「Nezu Station」5 minutes walk from

A cafe where you can get up close and personal with birds of prey such as owls and hawks, and where you can welcome your favorite child.