Frequently Asked Questions about Tori no Iru Cafe Sendagi

QCan you explain the system?
It is a prepaid free time of 1850 yen, so there will be no additional charges no matter how long you stay. However, during peak hours, we may implement a one-hour time limit.
QIs it possible to make a reservation?
We accept reservations on our website. Please make a reservation through the following link.
QWhat are your regular holidays and business hours?
The Sendagi branch is open every day from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM.
QWhere is the location?
It is right in front as soon as you exit the Yanaka Ginza shopping street.
Please refer to this access map for directions.
QIs it possible to consume food and drinks?
Our store operates as an interactive establishment. Therefore, you can only consume the beverages we sell in-store, excluding bottled water.
QCan children enter?
There is no age restriction for children, and admission is free for those up to 3 years old.
QCan I take photos and videos?
Feel free to take photos and videos. Please turn off the flash setting.
You are also welcome to share photos on social media such as Twitter and Instagram.
QHow many birds are there?
There are approximately 20-30 species, including parakeets and owls, totaling around 100-150 birds.

Online Shop

official online shop.
We have food and breeding supplies suitable for parakeets (parrots).


Store Guide

Specializing in birds of Prey & Cafe Shop
Chiyoda Line「Nezu Station」5 minutes walk from

A cafe where you can get up close and personal with birds of prey such as owls and hawks, and where you can welcome your favorite child.