A request from Torinoiru Cafe Asakusa shop.

Torinoiru Cafe Asakusa, you use it, when, there is a wish.
Please cooperate in order to spend fun time with a bird.

Torinoiru Cafe Asakusa, you use it, when, please.

  • ① You can store your luggage, but please manage your valuables yourself.
  • ② Please follow staff’s directions in the store.
  • ③ Our parakeet is hanging around the foot accustomed very much, so please be careful.
  • ④ There is a possibility that clothes get dirty.
  • ⑤ There are accessary kinds of a pierced earring and a necklace and a fear that you bite at clothes and injure it, so, please, so that anything important isn’t brought in the store.
  • ⑥ I’ll eat and drink at the counter only with the drink which is being sold in the store.
  • ⑦ Even if a bird can be hurt, the responsibility isn’t done.
  • ⑧ Please refrain from a flash of a camera.
  • ⑨ A complaint isn’t accepted.

Request of contact and attention with birds of prey kinds.

  • ① Please touch slowly to a back from the beginning.
  • ② Please never scratch a bird.
  • ③ Please poke in a finger, thrust and don’t play by a finger right in front of the bird.
  • ④ From a neck, the bottom. The front side of birds of prey kinds is very dangerous, so please never touch.
  • ⑤ Please don’t load a hand down selfishly. Voice calls a staff and can I have it?