If you have an animal handling business. In addition to those that will be acquired, such as a variety of birds and bait, we all can be divided into your wholesale price.

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Please be assured even trader dealing with the first birds of prey! How to handle, all the advice, such as to the opening preparation way of feeding have been made free of charge.

Do not buy at other stores. Not 5 birds or more and can not be in the wholesale unit price. Fine constraints are not needed, such as.

Is the price of the owl, which soared in recent years, but less expensive thick pipe with partner breeders imported directly in-house, yet you can stock a pretty familiar owl us. We sell every year 300 birds or more to the whole country.


All the quails using in our shop are produced in Aichi.

And we are particular about Japanese product when we use mice and chicks for bait. What is common in all the bait is that they are all quick freezing which lived until the day to process. Naturally,It’s not too much to say that the freshness of the bait is the most important for the birds of prey.

We provide the bait that we think about birds of prey’s health. It is the highest grade in a fresshness, product quality and the aspect of hygiene.

When you cut the bait,it bleed from the meat, so it’s instantly noticeable that it is very fresh.

Please give it a try.

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