Torinoiru Cafe Roppongi shop system.

It is a guide of petting type shop of the system of new sensation.

Our shop has become a time system

Our shop is postpaid on time system. You may decide to spend your free time while playing.

We will inform you at the reception desk at the beginning only at the beginning, so please check up on your way back.

The first hour 2000 yen (1 drink set)

Extension for 1 hour or later 15 minutes 400 yen

Trial 30 minutes 1500 yen

※ Free up to 3 years old. It is half price from 4 to 6 years old, but children can not enter alone.

You can enter the bird free room as often as you like within hours, but please take moderate actions such as congestion.

Soft drinks are also sold in the shop so you can spend your time drinking beverages.
(Bringing in drinks, hood etc. is free)