Rule in case of use

Torinoiru Cafe Roppongi, you use it, when, there is a wish.
Please cooperate in order to spend fun time with a bird.

Torinoiru Cafe Roppongi, you use it, when, please.

Please understand that we can not accept complaints in any cases, such as accidents and injuries in the shop, dirt of clothes etc.

Shooting in the shop is free, but please turn off the flash.

Before entering the store, you must enter hands and shoes after disinfecting the back of the shoes.

Bring drinks and hoods freely, but please never give animals.

Be sure to talk to the staff whenever you enter the bird free room.

Please do not forcibly touch a child you dislike, or deliberately anger.

When touching an owl, please give me about two fingers and gently stroke along the coat.

We will refuse entry to those who are at risk of harm to drunk people and animals.