Owls fly in the world of picture books.

Concept of Torinoiru Cafe Roppongi shop

Owl cafe the largest! In the huge firebird room of 8 meters, more than 30 freely flying owls welcome!

Always 50 or more birds and small animals live in the world of picture books imagined by everyone, such as owls and hawks, white spider parakeets and hedgehogs.

There is a photo spot everywhere in the store so you can enjoy it for 1 hour without touching each other. In addition, please look for your secret point such as “the owl of happiness” and “hidden footprints” by all means.

Please keep in mind that it is impossible to put excessive contact and owl hands etc. so that all animals can spend without stress, and enjoyable and safe living in the shops.

There are many cases where owls come on voluntarily from me, but in that case please give me a gentle ride.