How about good coffee with birds in the light shop?

I’m also preparing the pretty and good menu the cafe where a bird is here. Please spend some special time which can’t be tasted at an ordinary cafe.

Owl petting & One drink set 1000 yen (※ Only drink order is 600 yen)

You can choose one drink and The Petting Owl Services.

    Soft drink

  • Blended coffee (HOT/ICE)
  • Cafe au lait (HOT/ICE)
  • Cappucino
  • Flavor Tea (HOT)

    【Maron Mont Blanc】・・・(Mont Blanc・Maron・Vanilla・Caramel)
    【Pink Rose】・・・・・・・(Apricot-rose, Petal)
    【Oriental Vacation】・・(Jasmine-Mango-Strawberry)
    【Apple garden】・・・・・(Apple, Apricot)
    【Bergamot Peach】・・・・(White-Peach, Earl Grey)
    【Premium Chocolat】・・・・(Chocolate・Custard Vanilla・Maron・Earl Gray)
  • Marimo Tea(HOT)

    It is tea of non-caffeine, and included the cereals which like parakeet, Foxtail millet, Panicum miliaceum, Japanese millet, Barley, Black soybean, etc.
  • Ginger Tea
  • Tea (HOT/ICE)
  • Lemon Grass
  • Orange juice 100%
  • Apple juice 100%
  • Calpico
  • Coca-Cola
  • Alcohol

  • Draft beer
  • House wine (Red or White)
  • Hi-Bowl (Whisky with sparkling water)
  • Sho-Chu (Kofukurou) Barley Shochu / Sweet Potato Shochu
  • Umeshu (Ume liquor)
  • Whiskies (Dewar’s / Bowmore / Macallan / Yamazaki)
Black tea and Blend coffee
In the very light shop

Dessert 500 yen

Cute dessert of bird staff.

  • PUTE CHAN Unbaked cheesecake (Most Popular)
  • RINGO CHAN Raspberry Cake
  • CHOBO KUN Chocolate Coconuts Cake
  • BAN KUN Coffee Jerry
    When you pour milke to jerry and… makeover to Snowy Owl!!・It is slightly sweetness.
  • Pretty bird Cookies (Raspberry, Chocolate, Pumpkin)
  • Swiss roll
    Please select the design from these four. (Eagle Owl, Burn Owl, African Grey, Budgeriger)
Unbaked cheesecake with Pute’s face
Coffee Jerry with Ban’s face
Pretty bird Cookies
Swiss roll
“CHOBO KUN” Chocolate Cake

Food & Snack

  • Assorted Sausage1000 yen
  • Mini pizza toast500 yen
  • Assorted Cheese500 yen
  • Assorted Chocolate500 yen
  • Chips and Salsa500 yen
  • Owl’s shaped Rice Curry1000 yen
    Curry Set (with a drink) 1300 yen / Double added +¥300 (Two Owl’s shaped Rice)
Birds are also having a meal
Owl’s shaped Rice Curry

Pretty label beer of owls (Premiere beer 1000 yen / each bottle)

  • Hitachino nestbeer (WHITE ALE)

    This white ake is brewed with wheat malt, and flavored with coriander, orange peel and nutmeg. please enjoy the soft and flavorful taste.


    Steenuilke translates as “little owl”. It is a blonde Belgian beer brewed by De Ryck brewery in East Flanders. Emphasising the region and natural habitat of the “little owl”, three herbs native to the Flemish Ardennes are used (sweet woodruff, angelica and blackthorn) and has refreshing and piquant taste, with sweet-sour flavor.