Asakusa shop FAQ

Q. What are the system.

A. Our shop is a deferred payment of hourly. 30 minutes of the trial course is ¥ 1,000,1 hours normal course is ¥ 1,500.

Q. Regular holiday, please tell me the business hours.

A. Asakusa shop is a day, seven days a week. Business hours on weekdays PM13: 00 ~ PM20: 00 (last visiting 19:30) Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are AM11: 00 ~ PM20: 00 (last visiting 19:30)

Q. Can you book?

A. We accept reservation at ASAKUSA RESERVATION FORM.

Q. Where is the location?

A. Asakusa is Matsuya’s first floor basement of the beef bowl which is located along the “Asakusa sushi and streets” of ROX. Access map, please reference here.

Q. Do you eat and drink can?

A. Our shop is a petting type of shop. Therefore, it can not be your food and drink other than PET bottles that are sold in the store.

Q. Do you children can admission?

A. Age limit of the child does not have. From 0 to 3 years are free of charge. From 4 to 6 years it will be half price.

Q. Photo, do you take video?

A. Photos, videos are available to take you free to. Please hang up only flash settings. Please feel free to use also posted photos to Facebook such as SNS.

Q. Do you have much the bird?

A. Inco is 90 to 100 birds in 20 different positions, Birds of prey are owls, hawks, such as has about 20 birds.

Kiba shop FAQ

Q. Do I need an appointment?

A. Only platinum sheet owl is in a sideways, you can book from the home page booking form. Reservations here

Q. Can I in touch?

A. Depending on the owl our physical condition of the day It can, Furea’ with about owl us 15 and 20 birds that are in the petting room.

Q. Can I buy an owl?

A. Favorite pups are available to buy. (Excluding Bird Staff) We will also not ride to shepherd how such consultation to live together in peace for beginners. Please be assured that we sell in our shop all, such as equipment and food needed for breeding. Latest stock information.

Q. Is there an age limit?

A. Small children also make your visiting together that there is no age limit. Children will wish enough attention a parent or guardian not to Dari yelling or running in the store.

Q. Can you do feed the owl?

A. Owl our physical condition management, I do not do bait spear experience in our consideration of the hygiene.

Q. Do you have time to congestion?

A. O’clock to 17 o’clock 14 of Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are some things you wait. Time zone of the early time and the night of weekdays and Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are available relatively leisurely stay. Worry person please reservation. Reservation form

Q. Is it possible to photography?

A. All store and bird staff you can feel free to shoot, but the use of the flash, I hope that you will withhold.

Q. Are owl is touched feels good?

A. I head has good feelings by owl back is disgusting! Also they have pups of personality that. Some may dislike in intention displayed by mood or touched an unpleasant place in docile pups. Gently, it makes me relatively quiet touch and I am touched according to the gently owl our pace.