Pet hotel of the bird’s dedicated.

We are often asked to use in such as owner-like travel or business trip destination. We cherish and we keep an important bird’s.

Following carefully read the “rules of the time of accommodation”, please contact us.

Accommodation price

Parakeet, parrot, birds of prey…day 2,000 yen

※Please consult about a large size separately.

Basket, Boupachi, also there is available, such as Falcon block.

rules of the time of accommodation

● That I’m healthy by the individual one person becomes perfect in food. And would you bring me a copy of the health certificate within 1 year certainly?

● A parrot and parakeet kinds are PBFD, and a check of a chlamydia and birds of prey kinds and other things be the one on which a test result of a chlamydia was indicated, and, please.

● Food, additionally please prepare something necessary respectively. The occasion without the preparation will be feed of our designation.

● By moorage in HOKO where birds of prey kinds are exhibition space in the store, you keep it. Please consult about the individual who can’t moor at HOKO.

● It’s parakeet exhibition space in the store about other birds, by a basket, you keep it. A basket is rented.

● A pet bird, in the store, you keep it, so a cafe customer raises in photography and a blog, so please accept it. (I won’t touch.)

● When keeping it, setting a captive bird free and practice can’t be done for an accident prevention, but one during the business hours are doing state observation at any time.

● When destroying physical condition during keeping it, I’ll make a contact in spite of time. I’ll consult and handle, but even if a contact can’t be made with a case of the life, I’ll have veterinarian’s medical examination and deal. I’ll require the cost cost generated in the case separately.

● During keeping it, I’ll include and take care of a heart, but an accident and death at anytime but a case when a one-sided error is here can’t shoulder responsibility.

I’ll also include a heart and pay attention here, and I take charge of, but man will keep it, so I may die and sometimes make them escape.
It isn’t 100%, so please accept it.

When you can’t be convinced above, I’ll decline keeping.
Additionally if there is an unclear point, please make a contact any time.



Maintenance of bird

Professional staff of our shop, customers of the important bird’s, we will carefully care.

Following carefully read the “rules of maintenance”, please contact us.

Maintenance price

● Nails and beak of…2,000 yen

● An anklet exchange of…2,000 yen
(Including material costs necessary to exchange)

● Jess exchange of…2,500 yen
(Including material costs necessary to exchange)

Ask of when accommodation

● There are also many other birds of prey kinds and customers. Whatever kind of thing happens to an accident between the birds of prey and a human accident, responsibility isn’t shouldered at all at this place.

● Please be sure to follow staff’s directions in a case of accompanying.

● Accompany by a cage and please be not sure to take it out until there is permission of a staff.

● Maintenance is a perfect reservation system. There is a case that the occasion without the reservation will decline.

● We’re very delicate creatures, so physical condition can’t be judged and sometimes maintained.

● A maintained accident and an injury and, even if I’ll die, the responsibility isn’t shouldered at all at this place.

● The claim after maintenance isn’t accepted at all.