Asakusa new attractions Torinoiru Cafe Asakusa shop

Is a petting shop of a new sense, birds like the rave reviews!
“I play with bird” plenty of shops.

Concept of Torinoiru Cafe Asakusa shop

Want to play big time and loves parakeet we play! It was opened from everyone of think to say. Various kinds of parrots have flying around in 60 birds over the store.

Hand or shoulder, such as the head, so I told him in parakeet who is flying petting heart’s content, please enjoy or raise the bait. In addition, please be assured that there is also a free poncho is in the store.

Are in the entrance, you can also interact with the birds of prey, such as owls and hawks. In addition, we sell a large number of original goods, which can only be purchased in our shop. Rental of TV · CM · PV, bird’s to be used for, such as (talent Bird) is also carried out.