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We will introduce Asakusa store to Thank you for TBS TV creatures.

Nippon Television Asakusa store was introduced in late night from Monday.

TBS TV HAYA Doki! It is! It was introduced in.




Asakusa new attractions Torinoiru Cafe Asakusa shop
A new sense of petting shop, rave reviews to a favorite bird people! "I play with bird" plenty of shops. Want to play big time and loves parakeet we play! It was opened from everyone of think to say. In addition, we sell a large number of original goods, which can only be purchased in our shop.



Even if you have a pet bird, please join us feel free to be who you think you face now. Bird staff who appeared to a TV and CM will welcome everyone.
Because there is "bird" a lot of kind of the exhibition space, which became the glass that round around the audience even more of a bird's beginner please do not worry.

Online SHOP

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New products in stock!
We handle the original goods of Torinoiru Cafe limited. Apparel and ring notebook, gonna people and difference around to get the original goods such as pin badge!


Owl and hawk, falcon, you will be if you have something staff is 365 days empathetic to ride to the consultation to live together also peace of mind for beginners, such as large parakeet.


All the quails using in our shop are produced in Aichi. And we are particular about Japanese product when we use mice and chicks for bait.
What is common in all the bait is that they are all quick freezing which lived until the day to process. Naturally,It's not too much to say that the freshness of the bait is the most important for the birds of prey. We provide the bait that we think about birds of prey's health. It is the highest grade in a fresshness, product quality and the aspect of hygiene. When you cut the bait,it bleed from the meat, so it's instantly noticeable that it is very fresh.
Please give it a try.


Bird is an exclusive hotel for pets. There are a lot of owners’ travel and thing you’ll use for a business trip the time. I’ll take charge of Mr. important bird importantly. You’re reading the following “favor in case of a stay” well and please consult.

Media appearances request

Variety, there is information program, PV, magazines and many performers experience. Owl, and then meet horned owl, hawk, parrot, various bird's such as Inco has enrolled more than 100 birds in a variety of situations. Please feel free to contact us.

Torinoiru Cafe Partners

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Breeding consultation
Opening preparation advice
Sale of bait Preferentially sold at trader price
Sale of birds Preferentially sold at trader price

We will help you shop building that is loved by our customers in the know-how of our unique that sparked the boom of birds cafes and Owl Cafe!