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Owl and hawk, falcon, you will be if you have something staff is 365 days empathetic to ride to the consultation to live together also peace of mind for beginners, such as large parakeet.

Long-billed Corella 
Sale: (Asakusa)
Sale: (Asakusa)
Sale: (Asakusa)

Our advantage

Our shop is a pet shop specializing in birds such as falcons and hawks, mainly owls, birds specializing in birds selling middle size and large parakeet.
It is a lineup that will surely satisfy those who are considering the owl breeding with the largest number of handling in the country and abundant kinds.
We respond to requests of people looking for rare varieties such as rare owls and rare color birds.
The owner of a bird of prey for 20 years of birth and a store manager and staff with a big affection for birds will explain the breeding method in detail to those who keep birds of prey for the first time.
If you are planning to purchase your owl, please come to our store by all means!


What is common in all the bait is that they are all quick freezing which lived until the day to process.
Naturally,It’s not too much to say that the freshness of the bait is the most important for the birds of prey.
We provide the bait that we think about birds of prey’s health. It is the highest grade in a fresshness, product quality and the aspect of hygiene.
When you cut the bait,it bleed from the meat, so it’s instantly noticeable that it is very fresh.
Please give it a try.


Media appearances request

Variety, there is information program, PV, magazines and many performers experience.
Owl, and then meet horned owl, hawk, parrot, various bird’s such as Inco has enrolled more than 100 birds in a variety of situations.
Please feel free to contact us.

Media appearances request


Our store is also putting effort into business sales.
We import directly from our affiliated breeders all over the world, inexpensive, cute and well-received owls arrived.
We are proud of over 500 sales records every year from Hokkaido to Okinawa throughout the country.
There is no franchise, royalty, etc. in business selling.
Please feel free to contact us by e-mail or telephone.

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